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Quick Attach Stump Bucket

Having trouble getting those pesky stumps out of the ground? Then the Tomahawk Stump Bucket is the perfect solution! Features four 7/8" thick teeth a 3/8" serrated edge to dig deep and rip those tough roots out of the ground. 7/8" Thick Teeth (4) 1/2" x 6" Cutting Edge 3/8" Serrated Edge 3/16" Wrap

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A &B Eagle Line Box Blades

All of the products at A & B Equipment Inc. are priced competitively, so you know you're getting a great deal for high-quality equipment! 5 Ft. $750 6 Ft. $850


Hay Feeder Wagon

Hay wagon easily carries 2 round bales. Includes trailer jack stand.


66'' and 72

Save time and effort when clearing brush.Grapple's are a the perfect attachment If you need to move around brush or small logs. 66" $1700 72" $1900


Hay Trailers

Hay Trailers

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Tomahawk Hay Spear

Tomahawk Hay Spear is an excellent attachment to have on the farm. Bale Spears easily move bales of hay with a quick hook universal mounting plate.

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Tomahawk Hay Spear

If you live or work on a farm, then you probably know how difficult it can be to move hay bales. Make that job easier with the Tomahawk Hay Spear.

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Tomahawk Set Of Forks

Add versatility to your skid steer with the Tomahawk Fork Frame with Forks. You can easily move around materials. The see-through frame is ideal for operators.


Carriage for Cattle Chute

Carriage can be easily attached or removed from the chute or calf table by one man.

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