8.5 x 28 ft Enclosed Trailer

8.5 x 28 ft Enclosed Trailer

8.5 X 28 ft 2019 Diamond Cargo Enclosed Trailer With Heavy Duty Ramp Door Dove Tail in back floor 4 tie downs 5200# axles Great for Car or 4 Wheeler

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Lark Gray Enclosed 7 x 16

Lark 7x16 Enclosed Gray. Customers that invest in a Lark United Cargo Trailer are pleased to find that there is a 1 year warranty backing their trailer and that we are able to deliver the trailer they need to do the job. Sometimes that means a standard option trailer and other times, it means that we need to customize your trailer to really get the job done. We offer enclosed cargo trailers from 5 foot wide to 8.5 foot wide and everything in between. We encourage you to get a quote from a dealer near you before you make your trailer purchase decision. You'll be glad you did. PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

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